OUR expertise

The Exit Agent Team is a true “hybrid” real estate broker and investment business, helping investors with ENTERING and EXITING the market through honest guidance, alternative acquisition or exit strategies, and traditional purchasing and listing opportunities. 

 With over 25 years of cumulative experience as investors before brokers, we treat every transaction with the same level of diligence as if it’s our own investment property. Our partner portfolio includes owning and operating single family rental properties, agricultural land, fix and sell, fix and rent, mobile home parks and multifamily apartment complexes.


Your situation is unique to you. It is important to learn and understand your journey and goals so that we can find the best plan. Our goal is to SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS with FIDUCIARY GUIDANCE. 



Once we understand your needs, we turn to our extensive network of real estate professionals, market data, and our own experience to assess the best options available.  


Our process includes analyzing multiple exit/entry strategies, due diligence data, real time market performance, valuation comparisons (income & price per square foot), and financial status. Regardless if it’s a simple residential transaction or complex investment property, every real estate transaction needs to be surveyed by a real estate professional.



Real estate transactions can be complex. We have streamlined systems to carefully manage your deal from start to finish. The average transaction has well over 100 steps, including confusing paperwork and legal contracts. Whether you’re listing or purchasing property, The Exit Agent’s will create an expert marketing or negotiation roadmap.



We pride ourselves on executing your plan with speed and precision. Our years of working at top Silicon Valley brokerages, have taught us to implement comprehensive marketing plans that leverage professional photography and video, virtual tours, social media, internet search, email marketing, syndicated real estate channels, neighborhood circle prospecting, targeted direct mail, digital marketing, and open house strategies. This results in more views, engagement, showings, offers, and MONEY!



In this business, it’s all about who you know. Because we were investors before brokers, we’ve curated a database of hundreds of local and out of state cash buyers and investors looking to expand their portfolio. We have an all-star vendor team and will connect you with reputable contractors, stagers, real estate attorneys, estate planners, financial advisors, landscapers, accountants, and property managers.


We communicate with transparency and clarity throughout each step of your transaction. Too often, clients feel lost and guessing on where they are in their purchase or transaction. 

We provide weekly update calls and a transaction specific tracker, so you can follow along the journey one step at a time. When unexpected issues arise, you’re the first to know via text, email or phone.


The end goal with every transaction is to get the deal across the finish line. By deploying our transparent transaction management system, expert negotiation and marketing strategies, and professional EXIT AGENT programs we can increase the probability of a sale significantly. Things do happen and some deals just don’t close, but our proactive approach saves everyone time, resources and money.