Ed Zulyevic and Dan Gandee, two seasoned Eugene, Oregon real estate investors and brokers, discuss how to build a strategy around purchasing your first investment property with a strategic, well thought out process to ensure profitabilty. As owners of The Exit Agents Team, they provide guidance to first time and long term investors looking to buy, sell, and 1031 exchange in up and down markets.

This 90 minute free webinar covers:

  • What types of investment properties exist?
  • What constitutes a “good” investment property?
  • What are the best marketing strategies to find deals?
  • What types of loans are available for first time investors?
  • How do you leverage retirement funds to purchase?
  • What is creative financing and how do you best utilize these methods?
  • How to build your local investment dream team?
  • What are the best exit strategies based upon your investment goals?
  • How to successfully utilize a 1031 exchange to defer capital gains?
  • How to build your action plan and select the right real estate professional
  • Questions + Answers

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